Thursday, May 25, 2017
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Today In Upper Cumberland Podcast: STEM Teaching

Students across the region are learning science and math in new ways thanks to STEM Education techniques. STEM values the how and why of learning more than the rote memorization and recall of facts. At Tennessee Tech, the work goes on to educate future teachers about the value of STEM in their classrooms. Many of these students have already been ... Read More »

Which Song Will You Vote #1 In the Upper Cumberland 500?

Last year, Led Zeppelin ran away with #1. Which song will you vote YOUR FAVORITE this Memorial Day weekend? The ballot box is open and Rock 93-7 wants to know…what’s your favorite song? Zeppelin. Pink Floyd. AC/DC. Guns N’ Roses. Every vote counts so show your passion for the classics from the 60s….the tunes from the 70s you rocked to….your ... Read More »

Win A Dipsy Doodle Lunch With The Rock 93-7 Lunch Box

What’s in your lunch box? Friday, 2 Guys Named Chris want to fill it full of great treats from the Dipsy Doodle, Broad Street in Cookeville. Hungry yet? You won’t be as Rock 93-7 feeds you and three friends with burgers, fries, tea, and an assortment of Dipsy Doodle’s famous desserts. To enter, simply listen Friday as the guys open the lunch box….for ... Read More »