Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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Today In Upper Cumberland Podcast: Broadband Access

Expanding broadband access has been a statewide focus so far in 2017. The Legislature has already approved money to help the entire state grow its access to high speed internet. The Upper Cumberland Development District identified this as an issue that needed to be addressed in our area during its 2015 review. The good news: we, as a region, are ... Read More »

Tess Simpson of Cookeville Awarded Bill Penn Broadcast Scholarship

Recent Cookeville High School graduate Tess Simpson has been awarded the Bill Penn Broadcast Scholarship. The award was presented Thursday, June 1st during a ceremony at Del Monaco Winery. Simpson will receive $1,000 toward her secondary education from the team members at Stonecom Radio, Rock 93-7, Lite Rock 95.9, 106-9 Kicks Country, and News Talk 94.1/AM 1600. The award honors the ... Read More »

Jacob Summers of Smith County Awarded Dream Big Scholarship

Jacob Summers, a recent graduate of Smith County High School, received the Tennessee Credit Union/ Lite Rock 95.9/ 106-9 Kicks Country Dream Big Scholarship Thursday Night. This $1,500 scholarship awarded during the June 1st ceremony at Del Monaco Winery goes toward the recipients’ secondary education. Also recognized at the Thursday ceremony were the 11 other Dream Big Scholars for their ... Read More »

DOWNLOAD: Upper Cumberland 500

Rock 93-7 and Center Hill Marine took your votes…compiled them with those from your neighbors and friends…and played back your 500 favorite rock songs of all time. Miss part of the countdown? Want to argue about your favorite’s position? Here’s how the 500 finished in the 2017 Upper Cumberland 500. Read More »

Greg OFF Air: When Bunny Eaters Attack

Almost sounds like a show that might have been on FOX or maybe a Youtube Channel. When Bunny Eaters Attack!! Of course we’re talking chocolate bunnies here, so don’t expect any mentions of Elmer Fudd. Oops. Except for that one. Moving on… As Easter rolls around we see the usual sights of lilies, dresses, baskets and eggs. And the bunnies. Chocolate ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Not So Silent Mode

My voice carries. It’s great for what I do for radio, not so great for quite conversations. My whisper is louder than some people talk, and like most folks in a conversation it gets louder the longer the conversation lasts. And while your phone has a silent mode, it doesn’t really work for talking, but there may be a solution ... Read More »