Monday, September 26, 2016
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High School Playbook: Big Win For Jackson County As Week 6 Wraps Up

High School Playbook (Logo) 08-11-16

Jackson County Head Coach Sean Loftis joins Larry Stone this week at Chick-fil-A, Interstate Drive in Cookeville, to recount Friday night’s victory against Westmoreland, an event that has not occurred since 1996 when Coach Loftis was a senior at Jackson County High School. Several Blue Devils join Coach Loftis to give some on-the-field insight to how they managed to capture ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland Podcast: The Libertarian Party

Today In The UC Cropped 3

Gary Johnson will represent the Libertarian Party on the ballot in all 50 states and the District Of Columbiathis November. With so many unhappy with the choices provided by the Democratic and Republican parties, some believe the Libertarian Party could pull in some of its biggest numbers. The party values individual liberty. What else makes up the Libertarian Party outlook? ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Beware Of Flag Waivers

Flag Waivered

So how would you respond to your child’s school sending home a waiver you didn’t believe in or agree with?  For Micah Brienen he did it with a handwritten reply and a Facebook post that went viral and got a lot of reaction.  Not that you need to do that, but clearly it helps bring attention to your issue.  Just ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Learn To Love What You Hate About Life


Sometimes things don’t go well.  Okay, maybe more times than you’d like to admit.  While life may not always seem ideal there are ways to learn to enjoy it more than you do.  You could follow sagely advice like “suck it up, buttercup.”  Of course maybe you need just a bit more encouragement than that. How about tips from someone who’s ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Serving Up One Order Of No Pizza Ordering


If you’ve ever lived where there’s no delivery, not being able to order a pizza to the house doesn’t seem like a big deal.  Now add to the no delivery not even being able to place an order for carry out and suddenly  you not just living without convenience your living in hard times. Well, maybe just even more inconvenienced ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: The Couple Who Drinks Together…


Crack the bottle and enjoy the… whatever it is you enjoy.  Turns out you can enjoy it a little more with the knowledge that it may be the secret to a lasting marriage.  For those who drink, that is. reports on findings from a study published in the Journals of Gerontology, which says couples who both drink have a higher ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Phone-y Injuries Are A Real Pain


I often refer to people keeping their phones in their back pockets as suffering from having a backside that looks phoney.  Of course in their case the most likely injury is to the phone itself. For plenty of other users that phone can be more than a pain in the backside… Believe it or not there are actual medical conditions ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Your Happy Place May Not Be Social Media


Sure your friends look like they’re loving life based on what they post, but are they? According to people who study things about where your head’s at, maybe not so much. Psychology Today reports a study of over 1,700 adults in the U.S., researchers found a correlation between social media and depression. The study does admit that it’s unclear whether ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Binging May Be Dangerous


According to Japanese researchers, binge-watching TV shows can literally kill you.  Their study found that watching TV for hours increases your risk of dying, most likely due to a blood clot in the lungs. Every extra two hours of TV you watch each day increases your risk for pulmonary embolism by 40%.  If you watch at least five hours each ... Read More »