Sunday, May 29, 2016
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Hose Pipe: The Key To Good Sex.


You probably THINK you’re pretty good at getting-it-on, because everyone does.  But here’s a super easy trick to make yourself even better, and it doesn’t require any flexibility . . . or even effort.  In fact, it rewards laziness. A new study found that the key to having a good sex life is spooning for about six minutes afterward.  That’s ... Read More »

Hose Pipe: 6 Greatest Sports Quotes Of All Time


“USA Today” put together a list of ’15 of the Greatest Sports Quotes of All Time.’  And for better or worse, it doesn’t have a lot of the usual stuff on it, like Yogi Berra saying “It ain’t over till it’s over.”  Here are six highlights: 1.  Tim McGraw’s dad Tug McGraw had this to say about whether he preferred ... Read More »

Hose Pipe: Are You Grillin’ Right This Memorial Day?


We found a list online of mistakes you might be making on the grill.  And we’ve seen some before, like don’t grill steaks while they’re still cold.  They should be at room temperature.  But here are five more tips that might help you out this weekend . . . 1.  Don’t use too much lighter fluid.  Put newspaper under the ... Read More »

Today In Upper Cumberland Podcast: Family & Technology

Today In The UC Cropped 3

You’ve been in a restaurant and looked around to see multiple families at tables around the eatery…..buried in phones or I-Pads. It’s difficult for all of us to disconnect from technology. It may also be a difficult spot for parents to decide on how to regulate technology among their children. Today, we provide some advice from Elisa Allen. She’s part ... Read More »

Hose Pipe: Woman Gets Revenge On A Cheating Ex


These days it’s hard not to be confronted with spoilers . . . for movies, TV shows, and even sports.  Most of the damage is done inadvertently, but one woman is using spoilers as a WEAPON FOR REVENGE. Here’s the story:  An anonymous guy went on Reddit and asked for advice in dealing with his ex.  He admits that he ... Read More »

Hose Pipe: Couple Called Cops…Someone Stole Their Driveway!


I guess this proves that literally EVERYTHING you own could get stolen. There’s a married couple in Manchester, New Hampshire named Karen and Rick Wyman, and they came home last week and found that their DRIVEWAY was missing. Yes, someone had literally removed all the concrete.  All that was left was dirt.  So Rick called the police and said, quote, ... Read More »

Hose Pipe: 6 Emojis With Secret Meanings


Even older people are using emojis now.  But apparently some of them have secret meanings for teenagers that the rest of us don’t know.  So if your kid texts you any of these six emojis, they might be insulting you . . . 1.  The frog emoji.  It’s a way of calling someone ugly. 2.  A dog emoji.  It’s a ... Read More »

Hose Pipe: Madeleine Stowe Robbed. . .Naked!


It’s not clear why this is just coming out now, but MADELEINE STOWE had a horrifying experience at her home last September. She was sleeping NUDE with her husband Brian Benben when she heard someone running through the master bedroom.  She got up to check on the noise and ended up in her bathroom with a man pointing a GUN ... Read More »

Hose Pipe: Things We’d Rather Give Up Than WiFi

wireless router

Could it be possible we’re more addicted to the Internet than literally ANYTHING else? A new survey found the top 10 things people would rather give up for a month than WiFi or their phone’s data plan . . . and it basically covers EVERYTHING we love.  Check it out . . . 1.  Wine or alcohol. 2.  Junk food. ... Read More »