Monday, February 27, 2017
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Today In Upper Cumberland Podcast: Homeless Veterans

Today In The UC Cropped 3

You may not think of homelessness when you think about the Upper Cumberland. However, the problem is real. And many of those who are homeless served our nation’s military. There are programs available to assist veterans who may have found themselves in some financial trouble. Veterans who may just need a helping hand to regain their footing can get that ... Read More »

The Moose Lodge – WATCH: The Big Game Ads Are Starting To Surface!

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Let’s be honest, who watches the Super Bowl for the game anymore?  It’s all about the commericals and first look movies trailers, right?  Well some of the commercials for the championship game are already starting to turn up. Just take a peek at these! Which one is your favorite so far? I have to go with the Jason Statham/Gal Gadot ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Selfie-ish Kinds Of People


Selfies and the people who take them. Sounds like something for daytime TV to sort out on a Jerry Springer episode. Turns out there’s a more sciencey group who looked at the topic. And I guess the pictures too, but only because it was necessary. What discoveries did they make? New research from Brigham Young University scientists reveals that it’s not ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: More Fitness Less Time


There’s a good chance you’re one of the millions of people who made a New Year’s resolution to get in better shape this year.  There’s ALSO a good chance you’re already realizing your plan to hit the gym five days a week is DOOMED. But here’s some good news.  According to a new study out of Loughborough University in England, ... Read More »