Monday, May 2, 2016
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Greg OFF Air: Drinking Without Drinking


There are times that you may not go with the flow.  Especially if it’s the flow of alcohol.  With warmer weather’s arrival the chances of finding yourself at a friendly gathering with such a flow are pretty high.  Kinda like the guy who ends up by the cooler and keeps asking if this where the penguins nest. As odd as the looks ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: How Not To Have A Shar pei-er Image

shar pei dude

Nobody wants to look like a real life Jabba the Hut, which is why you don’t eat every meal at a buffet.  It stands to reason you also may not want to look like a shar pei long before you reach your great grandpa’s age.  Or maybe even late middle age. Not saying you’re vain enough to buy into something ... Read More »

Hose Pipe: Celebs We’d Like To Punch In The Face

tom cruise

Sometimes we are so irked by a certain celebrity’s presence that we’d happily punch them in the face on behalf of the human race. While it may seem childish, such a desire (we hear) is not uncommon.  So don’t worry if you think you might become an awful person because you agree with us. Everyone on this list has deserved ... Read More »

Hose Pipe: Cracker Jack Replacing Toys


Cracker Jack lovers will soon be in for a surprise when they go looking for the toy buried inside the box. The brand is bringing its 125-year tradition of including a toy prize inside to an end, replacing the toy with stickers containing digital codes. (What?!?) Those codes will lead customers to baseball-inspired games that they can play on their ... Read More »

Hose Pipe: Guy Punched Because He Looked Like Shia LaBeouf


SHIA LABEOUF has a face that many, many people would love to punch.  And that’s no excuse for what happened here.  But we can understand . . . Mario Licato of Brooklyn, New York was getting off the subway in Manhattan on Saturday night, when a guy ran up to him and punched him in the left eye. Then he ... Read More »

Today In Upper Cumberland Podcast: Training On Suicide


College students represent a vulnerable population to suicide. Tennessee Tech wants to make sure more students, staff and faculty are trained to look for the warning signs to prevent suicides. The CounselingCenter recently won a grant that will get more people trained on the things to look for. Dr. Christina Mick is the Assistant Director of Clinical Services at Tennessee ... Read More »

Hose Pipe: Guy Give Employees Meth As ‘Bonus’


Here’s some advice for any business owners out there.  People always prefer a cash bonus to a gift.  Especially if the gift is something that could get them ARRESTED. A 40-year-old guy named Jesse Seifert owns an auto body shop in Mankato, Minnesota.  (About 80 miles southwest of Minneapolis.) And he wanted to reward his employees.  But instead of a ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: That Is Too A Word!


Google the word Ain’t. It’s a contraction, but it’s considered an actual word.  Despite the arguments of every teacher I had in elementary school. These days it’s not only commonly used, it’s the most normal thing in the dictionary that might make a teacher frustrated. Merriam Webster has added about 2,000 words with official definitions that make you think someone there really ... Read More »

Hose Pipe: “Three’s Company” Movie In The Works


The “Hollywood Reporter” says a movie based on the TV show “Three’s Company” is in the works.  The show ran for eight seasons on ABC, from 1977 to 1984. There aren’t many details yet . . . but it’s going to be set in the 1970s, which will make it easier to keep the original premise. Remember, the show was ... Read More »

Greg Off Air: The Final Moments Of Relationships


Relationships can be like going to the movies.  You might think you’ve picked a good one that was worthwhile.  The previews, or in this case, the first few dates looked promising.  But once you find your spot and settle in, you suddenly realize you picked a really bad one. We’re talking about a plot twist into pathetic that came so ... Read More »