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Dream Sweep Yard Sale 2019 Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Have An Assigned Space?

Your space at the Dream Sweep Yard Sale will be assigned when you pay for your space. Expect an email within 3 business days with your reservation. A map will be included.

Can I Purchase A Booth In Person?

No. Booth purchases are only available online.

As A Vendor, Do I Get Passes Into The Yard Sale?

Each vendor space comes with a number of passes depending on the size of the booth. You may purchase additional vendor passes at the time of your booth purchase. This pass grants you access for setup Friday and/or Saturday as well as admission to the Yard Sale. You will also receive one parking pass for usage inside the fairgrounds.

Should you need additional parking for the yard sale, please use public parking lots located along Walnut Avenue and Veterans Drive.

Your two vendor passes and one parking pass will provide you access for up to three vehicles during Friday’s setup. You must have your pass for setup to protect all of our sellers from “early browsers.” You may exit and re-enter the fairgrounds with additional loads as many times as needed during Friday’s setup.

What Are The Hours Of The Sale?

Gates open promptly at 7:00am Saturday May 4th. The sale ends at 2pm. If you sellout, you can leave early, but you will not have access to drive into the event area.

Vehicles will be allowed to access the event area at approximately 2:15pm.

Do I Get To Keep All The Money That I Make From My Sales?

Yes. All the money that you make from your items is yours.

What If I Purchase The Booth But Have Something Come Up?

We are happy to provide you a partial refund for your booth space. You must cancel your booth before April 26th at 5pm. A $5 processing fee applies to protect our charities from losing proceeds via credit card charges. To cancel your booth, simply email Provide your name and booth number.

No refunds will be offered for cancellations after April 26.

Can I Donate Items I Don’t Want To Take Back?

Absolutely. We will be working with roughly a dozen local charities, including Teen Challenge of the Upper Cumberland, who will sell your donated items in their thrift stores to fund local non-profits. You will be contacted in your booth around 1:00pm on the day of the sale with instructions to donate.

Please help us and the charities by discarding of trash and junk as well as worthless items BEFORE making a donation. This simply reduces the good that you do with your donation. Donating items is optional — you can choose some no or all items to include.

When Do I Setup My Booth?

You have multiple options in regard to setting up your booth. The most successful approach from previous vendors: bring your loads of merchandise Friday. Setup your tables and/or display space, and put your items under the table. Tarp your belongings. Arrive Saturday morning and simply park. Walk to your booth with your money, snacks, sunscreen and a few final items. Display your wares Saturday morning.

Friday’s setup takes place from 11am to 7pm. Please bring your vendor passes for access. You may enter and exit the grounds with as many loads as needed. The final vehicle entrance will be allowed at 6:30pm Friday night. Security will be provided to protect the Fairgrounds overnight. No one will be allowed to spend the night in the Fairgrounds.

On Saturday, the fairgrounds will open at 5:15am. However, vehicles may only access booths until 6:15am. At 6:15am, all vehicles must be out of the event area in order to protect vendors and customers.

For those wanting to simply come on Saturday morning and do it all, please note…you will NOT have time to access the fairgrounds more than once. You will not have time to exit and enter with a second load. Also, the Fairgrounds is not completely lighted…so it will take you longer to get in and out and find your booth for the first time.

Vendors who simply want to park and walk to their booth for final setup need to be in their booth by 6am Saturday. Please remember to allot plenty of time as your fellow vendors will also be accessing the grounds….some unloading….some going to their booth for the first time….and some simply parking. Please assist us in planning your setup carefully and giving yourself plenty of time.

How Big Are The Booths?

Booth sizes are 20×20 or 20×40. These provide you with plenty of room to showoff your wares. A 20×20 booth is about the size of a car.

Each booth has 20 feet of frontage on the yard sale aisle.

Can I Buy More Than One Booth?

Yes. We’re happy to provide as much selection to shoppers as possible. However, if you wish for the booths to be side-by-side, they must be of the same size.

Can Several People Go In Together On One Space?

Absolutely. Just be careful not to fill your space too full. Make sure people have room to browse.

Can My Booth Be Next To My Friend?

Yes. However, please purchase your booths on the same form. Hand your friend the price of her booth to make it simple for all.

What If I Find So Much Stuff, Can I Change The Size Of My Booth?

Unfortunately, no. Please assess your stuff before you signup and make sure you have enough room.

Can I Request My Booth From Last Year?

You are welcome to make that detailed request — preferably with your booth number and color — on the entry form. However, your booth may have already been sold. We sell booths on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What If It Rains?

We will make a weather call prior to Friday’s setup if Saturday conditions are going to be extreme with consistent rain and/or storms. If the weather forecast appears to be hit and miss rain of a light nature, we will likely go as scheduled.

We will contact vendors via email and announce often on the radio via Lite Rock 95.9, Rock 93-7, 106-9 Kicks Country, and News Talk 94.1/AM 1600.

How Should I Price My Items?

Feel free to use stickers or post-it-notes taped to the items. Whatever works best for you is fine with us.

What Is The Half-Price Bargain Blitz?

In an effort to give you one last push on Saturday, we host a one-hour bargain blitz. This will be announced on the radio at lunchtime Saturday with __% of our booths selling their wares at half price between 1pm and 2pm.

This is a totally optional program. You may take certain items out — and not offer them for sale during this period. Simply, we want to help you make as much money as possible.

Please check whether you plan to participate on your entry form.

Do I Need A Sign?

Only if you want it and it doesn’t block your neighbor’s booth.

Can I Bring A Pop-Up Tent?

Absolutely. If it fits in your space, you can bring a pop-up tent. However, tents must remain in the collapsed position once you leave Friday evening.

Your tent must be secured properly within your space to protect yourself and others from wind gusts. You can use weighting, like sandbags, or stakes, though many booths are on asphalt.

Please help us keep everyone safe by paying special attention to the security of your tent.

Also, tents are for shading of you and your merchandise. You may not stay overnight in the tent inside the event area.

Will Tables Be Provided?

No. Tables are not provided.

If you plan to have tables delivered by an outside firm, please call Taylor at (931) 528-6064 before April 30th with the time and company. We will not be able to accommodate outside deliveries without prior notice.

Will There Be Concessions?

Yes. Concessions will be available as part of fund-raisers for community organizations.

What If I Cannot Leave My Booth And I’m Hungry?

Once again, our school groups will be roaming the grounds between 10am-1pm to take lunch orders. You will have order forms provided to you during check-in. You may also feel free to bring your own…for your own use. No food or drink sales.

What Should I Bring?

Bring plenty of change. Bring more than you think you might need. People often forget to bring enough change for their transactions.

Also, don’t forget sunscreen, a hat, a chair, snacks and drinks.

What Should I Not Bring?

Pets. County ordinance prohibits animals of any kind in the Fairgrounds. This is a county law and will be enforced. No pets are allowed in the fairgrounds area.

Also, no firearms or weapons are allowed on county property. This includes holders of concealed weapons permits. No weapons allowed on the property.

Where Will I Park?

Vendors will be allowed to unload in the yard sale area Friday and again Saturday morning before 6:15am.

During the sale, each vendor will receive one parking pass for use in three areas of secure vendor parking available inside the fairgrounds gates. Please follow the directions of sheriff’s deputies upon parking. Lock your vehicle and please do not block anyone in.

A map will be provided at payment to give you the layout of the fairgrounds.

Vehicles can come and go from this areas as needed during the day Saturday.

However, access to the event area will not begin until 4:10pm — once all patrons have left the area.

What About Vehicles In The Yard Sale Grounds?

To protect vendors and customers, we will not allow any vehicles inside the Yard Sale Area after 6:15am Saturday. Should you want to keep your vehicle inside your booth for rest/restocking, you may do so, provided the vehicle fits completely inside your booth.

However, the vehicle cannot leave the grounds until 2:15pm.

If you sellout early, you may lock your vehicle and come back to pick it up at 4:10pm. Similarly, if you sellout early, you may not bring a vehicle into the Yard Sale grounds to load up tables, chairs, etc. until 2:10pm.

This is for the safety of everyone involved.

Are There Restrooms Available?

Yes, restrooms will be available in the normal spots at the Fairgrounds.