Thursday, August 24, 2017
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Greg OFF Air: Dating Turn Offs

Everyone would like to think they are the best date.  Of course everyone would also like to think they’re never wrong.  If that’s you, then the odds are good you’re either living the fantasy life or have learned how to sleep read, because you’re dreaming.  The harsh reality is we’re all wrong sometimes, and when it comes to dating more often than we’d like to accept.

Of course there are plenty of sites with advice and lots of articles, blog posts, podcasts, and probably some pamphlets if you’re really desperate.  Or we could just simplify it with some tips of things NOT to do that might help you not be so bad at dating.  Or at least get to a second or maybe third one.  After that you’re on your own, especially if the dates didn’t work out.  It’s not always about what you do right, but avoiding what to do wrong and major turn offs.

According to data from a Singles in America survey, the biggest turn-offs in a romantic encounter are a lot more simple than one would think. For men and women, the biggest top three turn-offs were rather simple:

1. You check your phone way too much.
2. You don’t talk enough.
3. You try too hard to impress them.