Thursday, August 24, 2017
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Greg OFF Air: Not So Silent Mode

My voice carries. It’s great for what I do for radio, not so great for quite conversations. My whisper is louder than some people talk, and like most folks in a conversation it gets louder the longer the conversation lasts. And while your phone has a silent mode, it doesn’t really work for talking, but there may be a solution if you need one.

The HushMe, a device that claims it could make even my whisper quieter than a mouse.

This “personal acoustic device,” which looks like something Batman villain Bane would wear, wirelessly hooks into your cellphone and physically hooks around your mouth, so you can chat without anyone hearing you, even if they’re close by.

What’s more the device, which made its debut recently at the CES expo in Vegas, allows you to filter your voice to the caller, so you can sound like a Minion from Despicable Me, or Darth Vader.

And even better you finally have something you can put on that person next to you at the restaurant so you don’t have to hear them. Never mind that last part. You try that and you may end up with some unwanted bracelets of your own and a car ride to you local police station. Maybe just recommend it to them instead. ~G

Photo Credit: Screen capture from video.