Thursday, August 24, 2017
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Greg OFF Air: Spoiling The Spoiler Alert

Schedules are hard to coordinate when it comes to wanting to be more active AND keep up with your favorite show. Thankfully we have the merciful DVR, who works tirelessly (when programmed right :/) to capture your show to watch when you can. And just as equally un-thankfully, we have spoilers that run wild on social media sites like Twitter.

Not everyone wants to spoil your show, they just really want to talk about how awesome or disappointing it was to them. Which means they pretty much will spoil events or maybe put it in a light that lessens it for you. Either way… spoilers, the bane of social media. Unless you stop them.

Whoa! I didn’t mean actually stop your friends and others from ever posting again! I meant stop their posts from being seen. Someone really hates spoilers don’t they?

This spoiler free existence on social media really only works with Twitter. They have added a new “Mute” function to curb online abuse by letting you NOT see some things. Turns out it apparently can be employed to shield your timeline from spoilers too! Great news for the smash happy type ready to stop all spoilers even if it means stopping their phone or computer.

Head for the mute feature and just enter in the words you don’t want to see appear on your feed — say The Walking Dead, #Scandal, or #Negan — and you won’t be able to see posts referring to those shows. It can finally give you the spoiler free existence you’ve longed for while browsing Twitter. Of course you could, you know, lay off the social media, but let’s face it, that ain’t gonna happen.