Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Greg (Page) 12-8-15Radio was an interest that developed for Greg in High School and grew in College to become a true passion. These days he enjoys that every weekday afternoon it gives him a chance, on the radio and online, to share with others.  From the music and his love of it, to gaming, movies, tech, family and more.

Originally from Illinois, Greg moved to Cookeville in 2000 and worked at Kicks 106-9 doing a nightly call-in show.  Cookeville made it’s mark on him and so did being a part of Cookeville radio. After moving away for a while Greg returned to the area and then the airwaves in Cookeville as the eventual host of Rock 93-7’s 9 O’Clock News, weeknights from 9p – Midnight.

Greg Off Air (Blog Banner) 12-8-15

Greg OFF Air: Over Time is Over Rated

Of course you deserve a promotion or raise, after all look at how much over time you clock! Right? Right? More like wrong. Turns out most employers think putting in more time doesn’t amount to much. Especially if it’s extra time spent doing the work you should’ve done in during your regular time. Someone polled over 2,000 executives at different ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Cool Off With Lower Costs

The thermostat wars that rage between your love of not sitting and sweating versus your love of not sweating the electric bill. And while the sudden drop in temps may seem worth the later cost, not so much. Every degree you drop sees a rise in your bill by 3%.  While it may seem too hard to sweat out a ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: From Pokey Stop To Pokestop

Pokemon Go.  It’s the latest craze and it’s going everywhere, which has been a bit of an issue.  In fact some places like jails and hospital’s have had to ask players to NOT frequent them as a “Pokestop” because it’s impacting their regular operations.  Plus there are the multitude of stories involving people walking and getting hurt, or driving or… ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Where Do Fired Fireworks Go?

It was an awesome moment. You picked out just the right ones to make your celebration of the Fourth Of July a memorable one. You got some of the rockets that shot up and went bang loud enough to make the neighbors think your house blew up.  You managed to find some of those screaming whistle bang fireworks that your ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Four Things To Keep From Crashing Your Fourth

Sure you know not to light fireworks and hold ’em.  You also know not to attempt anything that may start with “Hey watch this!”  You’re staying aware of your firework safety over Fourth of July weekend, but fireworks are not actually the top thing you need to worry about. Turns  out only seven people are killed by fireworks each year.  But the National ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: The Right Steps To Walk Away From A Job

It’s time to call it a day.  To borrow a line, “you’ve had all you can stands and you can’t stands no more”. Well before you take the time to make your exit, there’s a few things you need to take the time to consider doing first… Do … Clean up your computer – Take care of this business before you even ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: That Job You Hate IS A Good Thing

Have you ever had a job that you hated? I don’t mean a job that annoyed you because you’d rather be watching TV … or sleeping … or on vacation. I mean a job that you HATED, a job that you dreaded so much it made a serious illness look worthwhile. Good for you! So called career experts now say it ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: A Conversation With Ben Smith Of Heart

You can keep a lot of things when it comes to music.  The vocal track, the guitar riff, but if you don’t have the right person keeping time and delivering the beat, it’s just a bunch of sounds at once.  For the past 20 some years the man helping Heart keep on time, at least with music, has been Ben ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: A Conversation With Buckcherry’s Josh Todd

Buckcherry is currently touring in support of their album Rock and Roll. They certainly embody the spirit of rock when it comes to their music and concerts.  They brought their energy to a sold out show along with The Tip and local band the Atomic Dogs, who both opened for Buckcherry, Tuesday night. The crowd was more than ready when Buckcherry ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: 5 Ways To Seem Okay Or At Least Not So Weird

That quiet guy who seems way cooler than a penguin adrift on an ice block that everyone talks to at work.  That girl who never seems to be on the awkward side of any conversation. They’ve accepted somethings you may not have.  To be honest it’s what makes you come off as being as weird as tin foil hat guy who ... Read More »