Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Greg (Page) 12-8-15Radio was an interest that developed for Greg in High School and grew in College to become a true passion. These days he enjoys that every weekday afternoon it gives him a chance, on the radio and online, to share with others.  From the music and his love of it, to gaming, movies, tech, family and more.

Originally from Illinois, Greg moved to Cookeville in 2000 and worked at Kicks 106-9 doing a nightly call-in show.  Cookeville made it’s mark on him and so did being a part of Cookeville radio. After moving away for a while Greg returned to the area and then the airwaves in Cookeville as the eventual host of Rock 93-7’s 9 O’Clock News, weeknights from 9p – Midnight.

Greg Off Air (Blog Banner) 12-8-15

Greg OFF Air: Leave An X Over Your Ex

It’s done.  You ended it, or maybe they ended it.  Either way it’s over and much like the unnecessary sequel for Jaws, Speed II, Superman IV or any of the Highlander sequels they should never be considered worth thinking about or seeing again. Especially the final Highlander flick where after almost two hours of killing everything you may have liked about ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Drinking Your Way To Better Health

You could grab a protein shake, they’re supposed to be good for you.  Or a bottle of water might be the right choice.  But what if your beverage of choice is the one that everyone says is bad for you?  Well, you simply wait for science tell you everyone else is wrong. Everyone else says: “Alcohol isn’t healthy for you.” ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Make You Get Around To Make You Get Around

Let’s face it, there are days when the idea of getting done whatever you have planned seems more complicated than the plan from the last Mission Impossible flick.  While it’s not as involved as hanging off a plane to get through it, you just can’t seem to find the will power to get it done.  Or maybe there is just simply something more ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Habits You Might Want To Give Up

Giving up may not seem like something good, especially according to every coach who’s job depended on getting great results.  But seriously, there are times it can be good for you.  Like stepping into the first badly tossed dodge ball to go sit down and get out of the game.  It made more sense than waiting for some guy who’s figured ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Team Iron Man Or Team Cap Recap

Casual and devoted Marvel fans are well aware that the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is upon us,  Captain America: Civil War.  For anyone else, yep, it’s the third Captain America movie and it has something to do with those other hero movies that came out. Granted you could take the time to hit a video on demand ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Making Your Memory More Memorable

Thank who ever made post it notes and those reminder apps for you phone.  Oh and address books both real and virtual, so we don’t lose numbers.  Oh and calendars and alarms both on the wall on your phone. Let’s be honest the only thing you remember on your own is to make sure you use something to remind you.  Especially ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Drinking Without Drinking

There are times that you may not go with the flow.  Especially if it’s the flow of alcohol.  With warmer weather’s arrival the chances of finding yourself at a friendly gathering with such a flow are pretty high.  Kinda like the guy who ends up by the cooler and keeps asking if this where the penguins nest. As odd as the looks ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: How Not To Have A Shar pei-er Image

Nobody wants to look like a real life Jabba the Hut, which is why you don’t eat every meal at a buffet.  It stands to reason you also may not want to look like a shar pei long before you reach your great grandpa’s age.  Or maybe even late middle age. Not saying you’re vain enough to buy into something ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: That Is Too A Word!

Google the word Ain’t. It’s a contraction, but it’s considered an actual word.  Despite the arguments of every teacher I had in elementary school. These days it’s not only commonly used, it’s the most normal thing in the dictionary that might make a teacher frustrated. Merriam Webster has added about 2,000 words with official definitions that make you think someone there really ... Read More »

Greg Off Air: The Final Moments Of Relationships

Relationships can be like going to the movies.  You might think you’ve picked a good one that was worthwhile.  The previews, or in this case, the first few dates looked promising.  But once you find your spot and settle in, you suddenly realize you picked a really bad one. We’re talking about a plot twist into pathetic that came so ... Read More »