Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Greg (Page) 12-8-15Radio was an interest that developed for Greg in High School and grew in College to become a true passion. These days he enjoys that every weekday afternoon it gives him a chance, on the radio and online, to share with others.  From the music and his love of it, to gaming, movies, tech, family and more.

Originally from Illinois, Greg moved to Cookeville in 2000 and worked at Kicks 106-9 doing a nightly call-in show.  Cookeville made it’s mark on him and so did being a part of Cookeville radio. After moving away for a while Greg returned to the area and then the airwaves in Cookeville as the eventual host of Rock 93-7’s 9 O’Clock News, weeknights from 9p – Midnight.

Greg Off Air (Blog Banner) 12-8-15

Greg OFF Air: Snapchatter Drop Kicked Off Stage

Social media has done a lot to make people feel less social and more frustrated by the experience of having the moment saved instead of savored.  Of course the idea of a photo of the moment isn’t totally horrible.  Or maybe even a quick Instagram or Snapchat as opposed to making your own documentary.  But if you do plan to do ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Save Her Selfie And Yourself

There will come a time when you’re asked to do what the selfie stick can’t.  Take that perfect picture for your lady to post.  And she’s counting on you to get it right.  Not one of those badly lit bathroom snaps where she pretends to be Howard The Duck.  No, this is an actual photo.  If you’re not careful it couldn’t ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Southern Momma Shoots Down Disrespect

She has claimed her right as a parent and also the title of “Southern Momma“. She’s the grey haired mother of three named Deborah Smith.  She’s gone viral for a video where she draws a bead on the three phones of her teens set up on a tree stump and blows them away.  She orders the remaining pieces to be ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: People You Should Avoid Dating

Every one has had a period of “maybe I should just date”, especially when warmer weather rolls around.  You want to get out and have some fun, share a few laughs and a night or two on the town.  You’re not alone in this idea, there are plenty of others looking to keep things on the lighter side.  The problem you’re faced ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: 3 Tricks To Trick Up Your Kids

You know what you did in your youth.  You also know how you got away with what you did.  These days that knowledge isn’t enough to make sure your own kids don’t get away with the things you’ve said no to them doing.  To be fair to your efforts, they have access to all kinds of tech that lets them ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: How To Get Out Of A Ticket

Let me just say up front the best way to get out of a ticket is to not get one.  And let me add that I in no way condone behavior that would be immoral or unethical and certainly not illegal.  With all that said…this isn’t my list.  So while my idea of the best way is a good one, ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Things You Should (And Shouldn’t) Save For Kids

For the most part everything these days is a cloud stored thing, but you should probably consider keeping some offline memories too.  And by memories I don’t just mean deciding to become a candidate for an upcoming hoarders special.  No you want to keep some items but not everything. My grandmother has tons of photos and slides, as in for a ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: April Fool Fails

A word of warning to the wise, well thought out doesn’t mean you won’t get out thought by the pranked.  Or by the consequences of your prank.  No sometimes a prank only shows it’s brilliance in failure.  Sometimes in spectacular fashion. These are just a few examples of April Fool Fails.  I will note the following accounts are true, but ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Being Manly Can Be Deadly

Sometimes you just gotta man up. Sometimes you just have to go out and do those things that prove you are manly.  Willing to just do whatever you have to get whatever you have to do done.  Not necessarily done sense-ably or done with good choices, but manly. Which according to researchers at Rutgers University may be deadly.  They conducted a ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Yes, I Am Gonna Wear This!

Being called out for fashion choices is not a new thing.  In fact for as long as the phrase “how do I look in this” has been around, there’s been someone to step up and say “wow, who picked that out, your mom?!” or give a simple “horrible”.  Unless it’s a husband answering, then it’s pretty much “fine dear” or ... Read More »