Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Greg (Page) 12-8-15Radio was an interest that developed for Greg in High School and grew in College to become a true passion. These days he enjoys that every weekday afternoon it gives him a chance, on the radio and online, to share with others.  From the music and his love of it, to gaming, movies, tech, family and more.

Originally from Illinois, Greg moved to Cookeville in 2000 and worked at Kicks 106-9 doing a nightly call-in show.  Cookeville made it’s mark on him and so did being a part of Cookeville radio. After moving away for a while Greg returned to the area and then the airwaves in Cookeville as the eventual host of Rock 93-7’s 9 O’Clock News, weeknights from 9p – Midnight.

Greg Off Air (Blog Banner) 12-8-15

Greg OFF Air: How To Hack Winter Life

It’s a race to see which drops faster.  The temperature or your tolerance of it.  Or at least that’s true in my case.  As much as you’d like to set Nature’s thermostat to tropical, the only thing you really can do is prepare yourself.  That whole “the best defense is a good offense” thing is a great way to do that. Maybe ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Stubhub Becomes Snubhub

Ticket re-sellers have gotten to be out of hand when it comes to the online scalping they’re legally able to get away with.  Several bands and even countries like England are trying to pass laws to limit or stop it.  And if you thought going through a site like Stubhub would keep it reasonable, think again.  Not only can you ... Read More »

Greg OFF Air: Why NOT To Post Your Fail

It happens.  You try something and it doesn’t go well, in fact it would be considered a fail.  That is if you have video of it, and one of your so called “friends” posts it for all to see.  If one of those “friends” does post it, no one can really say too much more than you had a moment ... Read More »