Sunday, July 5, 2015
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Hoseppy & Tony

Hoseppy & Tony (Page) 05-13-15Hoseppy and Tony have a life long friendship that rears it’s ugly head in the way they treat each other every morning. Like guys do, if it’s painful or uncomfortable they try to exploit the other’s pain for the show.

Tony’s a local to Cookeville and Hoseppy grew up just down the road in Nashville but has been in the Upper Cumberland for going on 25 years – so it’s home.  So, here they are now, hangin’ with friends and wakin’ up people in the best place on earth.

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Hose Pipe: TV Land Pulls Dukes of Hazzard Amid Confederate Flag Controversy


TV Land is yanking the 1980s show Dukes of Hazard amid controversy over the Confederate flag, which is prominently displayed on the roof of the Duke Boys’ car, named the General Lee. The move, reported by TheWrap, comes as the country debates whether the controversial flag has a place in media and public spaces. TV Land didn’t say why they ... Read More »

Hose Pipe: What Language Will Your Children Speak?


The English language is evolving . . . but not in a cool way like humans evolved opposable thumbs and powerful genitalia.  English seems to be evolving for the WORSE. The Oxford English Dictionary just announced some new additions, which more or less legitimizes them as real English words.  Check ’em out . . . Autotune.  “To alter or correct ... Read More »

Wait A Minute…IPA’s Give You WHAT!?!


Here in the craft beer era, IPAs are more popular ever.  And they’ve got a lot going for them:  They have more complex tastes and higher alcohol content than regular beers, plus you look hipper when you drink them. But here’s a GIANT, floppy downside:  They’re also giving you MAN BOOBS. IPAs usually use more hops than other beers.  But ... Read More »

Hose And Tony: The 10 Best Rock Songs About Cars


Don Jamieson from “That Metal Show” has put together a list of the “Top 10 Songs About Cars.”  Obviously, it’s all hard rock and metal.  Here it is . . . 1.  “Highway Star”, Deep Purple, 1972 2.  “Panama”, Van Halen, 1984 3.  “Under My Wheels”, Alice Cooper, 1971 4.  “Red Barchetta”, Rush, 1981 5.  “Fuel”, Metallica, 1998 6.  “Lovedrive”, ... Read More »

Hottest Things a Guy Can Do . . . Outside the Bedroom


Here are the eight hottest things women say they want from men . . . and they have NOTHING to do with sex. 1.  Rub her feet or back, and DON’T ask to have yours rubbed in return. 2.  Take her side when she’s upset about something. 3.  Be a good tipper. 4.  Be decisive. 5.  Plan a vacation. 6.  ... Read More »

Five Things Dads Want For Father’s Day


I know we’re a society that REVERES mothers . . . and we should.  But that doesn’t mean we should shortchange dads.  Yours could’ve gone out for cigarettes 25 years ago and disappeared, but he CHOSE not to. A new survey found that fewer people buy Father’s Day gifts than Mother’s Day gifts . . . and when they do ... Read More »

Pizza Hut’s New Treat Coming To The U.S.


Three long years ago, Pizza Hut introduced a crust stuffed with HOT DOGS.  They introduced it in the U.K. then sold it in Australia, South Korea, and even Canada.  But they never sold it in America. UNTIL NOW.  Pizza Hut will officially bring their hot dog stuffed crust pizza to the U.S. a week from Thursday. We don’t have any ... Read More »

Slim Fast Is A Great Help To Lose Weight, Just Not This Way


America’s fried food innovators have spent the past several decades trying to figure out how to make snacks even MORE unhealthy through deep frying.  And from Twinkies to Oreos to Snickers bars, they’ve succeeded. So what do you do when you run out of junk food to deep fry?  Apparently . . . this. 46-year-old “Chicken” Charlie Boghosian is a ... Read More »

The Top Country Albums Every Rock Fan Should Have


“Rolling Stone” has put out a list of “50 Country Albums Every Rock Fan Should Own.”  Naturally, it skews older, but some contemporary country albums did make the list.  Here are the Top Five: 1.  “At Folsom Prison”, Johnny Cash, 1968 2.  “40 Greatest Hits”, Hank Williams, 1978 3.  “Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music”, Ray Charles, 1962 4.  ... Read More »

Just Poo It…Ah, Do It!


James Franco posted his ‘motivational’ video clearly a jab at Shia Labeouf’s vid. Here’s Shia’s Shia did his for film classes to use.  And they have, here’s one of the best. Read More »