Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Rock News

The Hall Of Fame Student Presented By Sam’s Club

Rock 93-7 and Sam’s Club proudly presents The Hall Of Fame Student. These students are chosen for their exemplary performance both in school and out. From grades to community service these students rise above the rest as truly the best of the best.

Claire from Cookeville High School is our Hall of Fame Student Week 5 Winner! Claire is known for going the extra mile in everything that she does. Whether it be in the class room or in the community Claire is always going above and beyond and always has a smile on her face. Claire is truly one of a kind and very deserving of the Hall of Fame


Juliet from White County High School is our Hall of Fame Student Week 4 Winner! Juliet is a truly talented and driven musician. Her most recent achievement is being selected as first chair Oboist for Tennessee’s all state orchestra. Her motivation and drive for excellence is truly outstanding!



Jakob from Livingston Academy is our Hall of Fame Student Week 3 Winner. Jakob was chosen for his outstanding work in the class room, on the football field, and in the community. Jakob has a 4.0 GPA and is very involved in mission work. His drive and determination is remarkable!



Jada from Clay County High School is our Hall of Fame week 2 winner. Jada, has shown all the qualities of a leader on her sports teams and in the class room. She has the drive and determination in her everyday life that makes her an inspiration. She has what it takes to earn a spot in the Hall of Fame!


Rebecca Collins is our Hall of Fame Student Week One Winner! Rebecca is an all around great person. From the class room to the community Rebecca has shown that she has the drive to succeed, and an upbeat attitude even when times are tough. She has all the characteristics of a true Hall of Famer.