Saturday, June 23, 2018
Happening Now

The Moose Lodge – Science Is There For All The Dads With sleepless Nights Out There!

Ok, so you’re a new dad.  Just when you think you’re about to get some peace and quiet, your little tiger wakes up and it’s pandemonium while you say whatever comes to your mind to try quiet the little Loudspeaker down. In fact you start saying things that as a grown man, you know will result in your beer buddies from permanently disqualifying you from all Man Related Activities.  So what do you do? You obviously cannot leave the little tyke in his uncomfortable state of mind but all that gibberish isn’t working. Enter “The Happy Song“. Science has come to the new dad’s rescue by creating the perfect song for the upset kiddo in your life.

Child psychologists at the University of London recently worked with the Grammy-winning singer Imogen Heap to create the perfect song to make babies happy.  They helped create four different melodies, and tested them on 26 kids to find out which one they liked most.  They did it by measuring their heart rates, and looking for cues like how much they smiled.  They also incorporated a bunch of sounds that babies responded to the most . . . like the word “boo” . . . the sound of a dog barking . . . and the sound of another baby laughing.  And they figured out the ideal tempo is 163 beats per minute.  They also wanted the lyrics to make sense, so it wouldn’t be too annoying for parents.  You probably won’t listen to it on the treadmill or anything, but it’s tolerable.  And they specifically wanted a female singer, since babies tend to like women’s voices that sound like their mom.  Once they finished, they played it for 20 different babies, and it was a huge hit.  It’s called “The Happy Song”, and sounds like the kind of thing you’d hear on a kids show.  But it’s the first song that’s been scientifically engineered to make babies happy and apparently the first song to brain wash kids into thinking Imogen Heap is their mom.