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Today In The UC (Page) 05-11-16The Upper Cumberland. It’s where we live. It’s where we work. It’s where we raise our families. The people and organizations in our community are what make it tick. Rock 93-7 knows the impact that local organizations have on this and surrounding communities.

Each week, Rock 93-7 will have interviews with representatives of organizations that impact the Upper Cumberland.

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Today In The Upper Cumberland: UC Family Justice Center

More than 30 partners working together…counseling….legal advice….safety matters….basic necessities. The Upper Cumberland Family Justice Center opened in 2015 as a systematic approach to helping victims of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault and elderly abuse. The center serves the 13th judicial district. Amy Stockwell…is its director. Today In The Upper Cumberland airs each weekend as a way to introduce you to interesting people ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Unemployment

Unemployment rates in September…Gov. Bill Haslam announced that the unemployment rate had decreased last month in all 95 Tennessee counties…That’s quite an accomplishment. How much so? We visit with Henry Bowman who is an analyst for the Upper Cumberland Development District. He’s been in that roll for some 45 years. Today In The Upper Cumberland airs each weekend as a ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: The Opiod Crisis

Across the Nation, Around the State, and Across the Upper Cumberland the Opiod Crisis continues to take lives. The number of Tennesseans who died from drug overdose jumped 12% last year. Some 1,600 people lost their lives due to drug overdoses, and that number is believed to be low because of the way the number’s are reported. It’s a drug ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Coal Mining’s History

When the railroad began snaking its way across the Tennessee countryside in the 1880s…the economy grew. Part of that growth…the expansion of coal mining in the mountainous regions of the state. Coal mining grew from about 2 million tons excavated in 1890….to more than 7 million around World War I. The Upper Cumberland…a big part of that industry….in places you MIGHT NOT even ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Energy And Protecting The Environment

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, we are reminded just how quickly gas prices can increase. One station in Montereyselling gasoline Friday for 3.29 a gallon. Though the 3 dollar price memories of several years IS a memory…exploration of domestic energy sources is ongoing. And that includes in Tennessee…where oil, gas and coal exist…but not as readily as in other parts ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Future Of Cookeville’s Downtown

Dogwood Park. Buildings full. Rejuvenated lighting and signage. Plans for a new hotel and conference center. Downtown Cookeville has seen lots of changes over the past several years. And the future looks bright. Cookeville Cityscape has been at the center of this work. And there are many plans on the table, bringing together local citizens, business owners, town leaders and the organization. Laura ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland Podcast: Construction

This weekend, the men and women behind the upper Cumberland home building industry show off their wares….a variety of home styles are part of the Upper Cumberland Parade of Homes. The builders are busy….trying to meet the growing need of home buyers across our region. We examine the state of purchasing a home….and how renting remains a course of action for many….but ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland Podcast: Foreign Affairs

This week’s rhetoric between the United States and North Korea reminds us that the Communist Regime remains one of the outliers in World geopolitics. Since an early age, one local man has been interested in just that kind of politics. In fact, part of his military career included time along the North Korea South Korea border. Bryan Payne grew up in Cookeville, graduated from college ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland Podcast: Downtown Revitalization

Downtown revitalization. In many areas of the United States…it’s an issue that communities are trying to find answers to downtowns that are boarded up….with few tenants…areas where crime and poverty reign. However…downtowns across the Upper Cumberland….are just the opposite. They are places of historic value….of current viability….and with plans for the future. One of those downtowns, is McMinnville. Main Street McMinnville….is led ... Read More »

Today In Upper Cumberland Podcast: Eagles Football Returns

Rookies reported last week and Monday, the first practice of the season takes place for the Golden Eagles of Head Coach Marcus Satterfield. The second year head coach remains focused beyond this season. He wants to see a new culture embedded within his football program and within the region. Satterfield looks back at his football roots…and talks openly about what ... Read More »