Friday, November 27, 2015
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Weekends With Greg

Weekends With Greg

Rock 93-7 plays everything that rocks all weekend long with Greg.

Greg is what they call a Yankee in these parts, and if you know what that means, then you know what else they call him for staying. We just call him the weekend guy.

Greg got his start doing college radio on one of the most powerful college rockers in the country, WVJC, back in 1991. Originally from Illinois, he moved to Cookeville in 2000 and worked at WKXD doing a nightly call-in show.

After moving away for the past several years and spending some time traveling from town to town (no, not up and down the dial), Greg returned to the area and then the airwaves in Cookeville in 2011 as a proud member of the air staff rocking you through the weekend  and on  The 9 O’Clock News, weeknights at 9PM on Rock 93-7.

A Little More About Greg:

1. What’s in your CD player or on your personal playlist right now? From early rock to 80’s hair bands to hard rock to current groups my music is kinda vaired. Random on my playlist would let you hear anything like Zeppelin, Floyd, Kiss, AC/DC, Metallica, Alice in Chains, Dokken, Tesla, Winger, Icehouse, Incubus, Staind, Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin and the Foo Fighters just to name a few.

2. What’s your favorite movie? The Crow…I have plenty of franchises I enjoy like LOTR and Star Wars (yes the prequels too) along with the Die Hard, Indiana Jones, and Lethal Weapon series of movies and all Kevin Smith films (snoochie boochie). The one I always seem to find as a stand out solo movie is The Crow. It is one of the very few love stories for guys. There’s all kinds of action and fighting and shooting and fighting and explosions and fighting, BUT it is all to avenge the woman he loves. A guy that gets emotional without being emotional for the chick and the camera…oh and he fights a little. Awesome flick.

3. What do you watch on T.V.? Top spot goes to a show from across the pond as they say… Dr Who. I am one of the few people who likes the 11th doctor. Otherwise I like to escape a little with something like NCIS, Criminal Minds or Supernatural. NO reality shows!! I live in reality and I’ve never seen camera crews following people and never had to cut for commercial, so they really aren’t reality.

4. Where are you most likely to be spotted around Cookeville? These days I would say movie theater…not sure when it happened, but I’ve taken to enjoying an extra flick now and again, especially on tuesdays. Otherwise wandering Wal-Mart noticing the odd names they give food items and the food they sale like fully cooked bacon…don’t get me wrong, I love bacon, but I can’t remember ever standing in the check out wishing the cashier would ring it up so i could down it on the way to the car…think that classifies as needing help.

5. What are your top three favorite foods? As long as you promise not to tell my dietician any of these…I’d say even though I don’t need it precooked bacon definitley makes that list…otherwise it would be an evil creation we came up with that involves wrapping a hotdog in bacon then placing it on a tortilla with cheese and chili and then frying it…bacon chili cheese wraps. They can only be made when the moon is in the right sky or my arteries are clear enough. Third would be just as bad for you but oh so good in moderation…deep fried Oreos.

6. You’re going to the movies. What are you getting at the concession stand? Mr. Pibb, Popcorn and Twizzlers… I may not always finish the bucket but I never seem to get out of the theater with any twizzlers left.

7. Do you have pets? Do children count? You do feed them and shelter them soooo…. just kidding, NO – no pets, I did have a cat named Robert Plant that lived to the ripe old age of 14 and a wonderful shelty spitz mix named Suzy Q that my daughter and I loved, but sadly I was unable to bring her with me in the move and had to give her to a friend with a good home.

8. What made you want to work in radio? The voices. No, seriously. From the time I was little I used to mimic announcers on tv and do character voices and make parody commercials about non existant things at random. I would watch SNL and do the voices of characters like grumpy old man or something, and my firends were like, you really should do something with that and while I wanted to, I was too scared I’d fail until I got inspired to try it out by a dj I listened to who is now a friend. He was a nut on the air, and when I finally met him, he was just a quiet guy who had gone after it, and I thought well maybe I can do this, maybe I can entertain people, and so I went to a college and then spent the next 10 years working different stations and formats. I took some time away to have a family and focus on that but am glad to now be back doing something I have always had a passion for doing.

9. What was your first job? I’m going to guess you mean radio cause my first job was a part time janitor at a hospital and mopping is just not that interesting, but my first real paying radio job was at a station in Washington, IN doing overnights. I hired in and in my first week I was tapped to go do a remote broadcast with no idea how to use any of the equipment and never having made any public appearances. SO I had to deal with getting it on the air and a lot of stage fright in front of about 100 people or so at a home a show. I lucked out and had a former morning dj there who helped me get it set up, and I managed to bring off the remote without freezing up on the air. And now you know the rest of my story…,I so hope that wasnt trademarked.

10. Can you picture yourself with a different career, if so – what? If I had to pick one to do full time besides radio it would be something to do with computers. From the very first pc I got my hands on to tear apart and start looking around inside of, I have taken to enjoying building and working on them as a hobby. I’d probably go for some classes and learn to write code… they’ve already come up with fully cooked bacon, maybe I can find a way to stream it and save you a trip to the checkout.

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