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Jason And Tony: 2016 Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Hope this will make your night more fun…

– When either Trump or Clinton says their campaign slogan, drink. (“Make America Great Again” for Trump and “Stronger Together” for Clinton.)

– When Trump assures America that he “knows more about ISIS than the generals,” drink.

– When Clinton diverts a question about her emails, drink.

– When Trump insists that Mexico will pay for the wall, take a shot. Chase the shot with a beer when he won’t elaborate.

– When either Trump or Clinton ignores moderator Lester Holt and keeps talking past the time limit, drink.

– If Trump alludes to Clinton’s health, drink.

– When Clinton makes a shout out to her “hometown” of New York, drink.

– When Trump makes a face that looks like your favorite emoji, drink.

– When Clinton declares, “Deal me in!” drink.

– If Trump calls Clinton, “Crooked Hillary,” drink.

– When Trump and Clinton argue about whether Trump supported the Iraq War or not, drink.

– When Trump says “huge,” drink.

– When Trump blames President Barack Obama for something, or when Clinton blames Republicans for something, drink.

– When either Trump or Clinton accuses the other of being unfit or unqualified to be president, drink.

– If Trump makes any reference to the size of his hands, chug.

– When you think you’re hearing the same things over and over again, drink some water and go to sleep.


J and T Blog: The Top Ten Lies Men and Women Tell

A new study looked at the most common lies men and women tell, and the top lie for both is, “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine”. Here are the top ten lies women tell.

1. “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine.”

2. “This isn’t new, I’ve had it forever.”

3. “It wasn’t that expensive.”

4. “It was on sale.” That’s three in a row that are shopping related.

5. “I’m on my way.”

6. “I don’t know where that is, I haven’t touched it.”

7. “I didn’t drink that much.”

8. “I’ve got a headache.”

9. “No, I didn’t throw that away.”

10. “Sorry, I didn’t see your call.”


Now here are the top ten lies men tell . . .

1. “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine.”

2. “This will be my last drink.”

3. “No, your butt doesn’t look big in that.”

4. “I didn’t have cell phone service.”

5. “My battery died.”

6. “Sorry, I didn’t see your call.” That’s the third one in a row about not wanting to talk on the phone.

7. “I didn’t drink that much.”

8. “I’m on my way.”

9. “It wasn’t that expensive.”

10. “I’m stuck in traffic.”

The survey also found that women are bigger liars than men when it comes to social media. 64% of women regularly lie or exaggerate on Facebook and Twitter, compared to just 36% of men.


J and T Blog: Guy Sky Dives Without A Parachute

Skydiver Luke Aikins has become the first person to jump from a plane into a net on the ground without the benefit of a parachute.

He hit the 100-by-100-foot net perfectly, quickly climbed out of it and walked over to hug his wife, who had been watching with other family members.

Just before climbing into a plane to make the jump, Aikins said he had been ordered by the Screen Actors Guild to wear a parachute. He put it on but hinted strongly that he wouldn’t open it. As the plane was climbing to 25,000 feet above the drop zone he said the requirement had been lifted and he took off the chute.

Luke fell for about two minutes, then flipped onto his back at the last second and landed perfectly to cheers from those gathered to watch.

The only down side – his body’s going to have waffle marks from the net for the next three years.


J and T Blog: Now People Are Naming Their Babies After Pokemon Characters

We don’t know how long the “Pokemon Go” craze is going to last, but some kids are going to grow up with a permanent reminder.

According to, there’s been a huge jump this month of people naming their babies after Pokemon characters.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like they’re going for the crazier ones like Pikachu and Jigglypuff, they’re picking characters that actually kind of sound like reasonable human names.

The girls’ names that are skyrocketing are Roselia, Onyx, and Eevee. For boys, it’s Star, Ivy, and Shea . . . and BabyCenter thinks those come from the Pokemon characters Starmie, Ivysaur, and Shaymin.

A spokeswoman from BabyCenter says they’re not surprised at the trend, since they just ran a survey and found half of moms say they play “Pokemon Go”.


J And T Blog: The Ten Weirdest Things We Google

Someone looked at the weirdest things people Google . . . but not things that only a few people search for. It’s stuff that 1000’s of people Google, every month. Here are the ten we liked best . . .

1. Does passing gas burn calories? And the answer is yes, but only because it takes a tiny bit of energy to do it. So by that standard, breathing burns calories too.

2. Why do men have nipples? Because it happens in utero before your male hormones kick in.

3. Do penguins have knees? Yes, they do.

4. Is the Tooth Fairy real?

5. Do pigs sweat? Yes, but it’s not really to cool themselves down. They have to roll in the mud for that.

6. Do men have periods?

7. Do worms have eyes? No, but their skin cells can detect light.

8. Why does my boss hate me?

9. Can a man get pregnant?

10. Am I a psycho?

The top 20 also include, “When will I die?” . . . “Does my butt look 40?” . . . “Is the world flat?” . . . “Can I marry my cousin?” . . . and “What happens if you drink blood?”