Monday, October 26, 2020
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High School Playbook

High School Playbook (Page) 08-11-16Whether you bleed navy and red, maroon and gray, blue and white or purple and yellow, we’ve got an hour of football talk just for you. Welcome to Rock 93-7’s High School Playbook presented by Mountain Barn Builders.

Join Larry Stone every Saturday morning live from Chic-fil-A on Interstate Drive as he wraps up all the action from Friday night across the Upper Cumberland. We’ll talk live with coaches and players from across the Upper Cumberland. We’re breaking down the reasons why your favorite team won. We’re introducing you to the hometown stars that light up the field every Friday night.

Every Saturday morning, it’s a pigskin trip across the Upper Cumberland. It’s the High School Playbook, presented by Mountain Barn Builders. Whether you are looking for extra workspace, a garage, a new playset or playhouse for the kids, Mountain Barn Builders can make it happen for your family. Quality Buildings at an affordable price. Call 888-863-8030 or go to Mountain Barn Builders.Com for pictures and ideas.

Live from Chic-fil-A, Interstate Drive in Cookeville….come grab breakfast Saturday morning and join us for high school football talk. It’s High School Playbook. Saturday morning at 9 from Rock 93-7.

Saturdays 9-10am During Football Season