Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Happening Now

Mike Adam

Thanks for swinging by the page to see if the voice matches the face! Now that I got you, a little bit about myself… I’m a husband and a father, which you would totally know if you follow me on Insta (@MikeAdamOnAir) because it’s basically an official fan page for my toddler. I’ve been in radio for over 10 years and it’s taken me all over the country. I’ve also done freelance music correspondent stuff for MTV, VH1, AXS-TV, Fuse, Music Choice, etc. in the past… and have $0 to show for it (LOL), which is why radio will always have my heart.

I like doing things that put my life in danger – jumping out of planes, bungee jumping, hang gliding, marriage. Next up is going into a shark cage. Not gonna lie… actually a tad scared about this one, but once I do it, you’ll know, because it’ll be all I talk about on-air for at least a week. I’m covered in tattoos, but they’re mostly hidden. My whole back is done, a few on my arms, and some other places. Some favorite bands include Zeppelin, Rush, Rage, Nirvana, Soundgarden, STP, Black Keys, and Lumineers. Hmm… what else? Coffee black. Like my soul. Okay, now I think that’s everything.

Thanks for reading, and more importantly, thanks for listening!

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