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9 O Clock News Local Edition – Tepoe Nash Revisited

Band: Tepoe Nash Genre: Rock Having been in the Upper Cumberland making and sharing music for the past 30 years, Tepoe would be considered one of the veteran rockers of the local music scene. He has played with various acts over the years and is now content making music on his own. His music isn’t targeted to just local audiences ... Read More »

9 O Clock News Local Edition – Cole Kemmer

Band:  Cole Kemmer Genre: Acoustic/Singer-Songwriter Founding member of Short of Stable from Crossville, after the other members pursued other interests and the band was “put on the shelf”, Cole has continued with his love for making music.  With guitar in hand and a few songs that reflect his personal style of inner reflection.  Cole is currently working on an EP ... Read More »

9 O Clock News Local Edition – Fate Of Adam Revisited

Band:  Fate Of Adam Genre: Rock/Metal With influences ranging from Five Finger Death Punch to Breaking Benjamin to enjoying a little gospel in their down time, Fate of Adam is a band with members who have spent a decade in the local music scene. The only thing they take serious is their music, loving to rock hard at their shows ... Read More »

9 O Clock News Local Edition – Travis Rice Revisited

Band:  Travis Rice Genre: Country With a friend or two, a recording studio and an offer to just lay down some music and see where it goes, Travis Rice has been working on chasing that neon rainbow for a few years now.  Togethor with the small band he’s assembled, they spend what time they can sharing and playing their music. ... Read More »

9 O Clock News Local Edition – Whyte Noyse Revisited

Band:  Whyte Noyse Genre: Alternative/Pop/Rock Reggae rock with a little ska and a lot of smiles. Whyte Noyse is band that hails from McMinnville and has spent time playing local and travelling the country to share their brand of music. After an album or two and a new EP and plans to continue their own festival in their hometown of ... Read More »

9 O Clock News Local Edition – Few Miles On

Band:  Few Miles On Genre: Blues/Swunk/Southern Blues Groove Making a categories of music all their own. Few Miles On had a little of that southern rock with funk feel to their music which has taken a more blues driven direction.  They also have a lot of fun just making some songs together. With some singles under their belt, they’ve completed their album ... Read More »

9 O Clock News Local Edition – Todays Standard Revisited

Band: Today’s Standard Genre: Alternative/Punk These guys would be your C Connection, and while all members have a C in their names, it’s not a requirement for getting into their music. As they say about themselves “This band is made up of three different people who live three completely different lives, and once you put them together they produce a ... Read More »

9 O Clock News Local Edition – The Leave

Band:  The Leave Genre: Jazz/Funk/Fusion A collection of personalities that not only fit together as extended family but musically to offer a style of Jazz that goes from fusion to rock influences that shine through in their live performances.  With each member and their instrument offering as much in the song writing as they do on stage.  The members call ... Read More »

9 O Clock News Local Edition – Miles Of Dirt

Band:  Miles Of Dirt Genre: Rock/Modern Rock Matt Baughman and his writing partner Dan Lawless continue their collaboration of music making even though they are separated by Miles Of Dirt.  While Matt calls Cookeville home, Dan resides in California. The duo employee apps like dropbox, and pro-tools, and video calling to work together in making their music.  While it limits ... Read More »

9 O Clock News Local Edition – Curly Purtis

Band:  Curly Purtis Genre: Americana/Folk/Country In helping to form a band that never came to be, the members of Curly Purtis opted to go ahead and make their own band and their own music.  With the foundations of the other group giving them an open door to work with a label in making their debut album.  Disillusion with the path ... Read More »